Sunday, July 6, 2014

July LearnerJS Meeting

Welcome to the wonderful world of JavaScript, LearnerJS is going to be your guide. Don’t know where to go, or even what LearnerJS is? That is ok, that is why we are here. LearnerJS is a the beginners meeting of HoustonJS, a JavaScript user group here in Houston. Here are the important details you need to know!!

Blog and Meeting Details -

Big thanks to our founding sponsor Improving Enterprises
for the location and food at the meetings!

When - The 4th Thursday of each month ( July 24th ) - Starts at 6:00pm and wraps up at 8:30pm

  • Food / Socializing starts at 6:00
  • Presentation starts at 6:30
Where - Improving Enterprises Office ( Here )
What - JavaScript fundementals group dedicated to learning how to build JavaScript and do it right!
The Promise'd land

JavaScript done correctly, especially NodeJS, can become the land of nested callback hell very quickly. But fear not my fellow learners, I’m here to lead you to the Promise’d land. With my faithful companion Q, not the one from Star Trek TNG you geek, we will explain how you can banish these nested callbacks, and find yourself safely nestled in the land of milk and honey.

Tim Rayburn is a Principal Consultant with Improving Entperises, and a Microsoft MVP for Connected Systems Development. He has worked with Microsoft technologies for over 13 years, and is the President and Founder of the Dallas Connected Systems User Group, the organizer of the Dallas TechFest, and blogger at ( When he’s not pursuing the ever moving technology curve, he is an avid gamer, from consoles to table-top RPGs and is the host of a podcast called Radio Free Hommlet. He welcomes questions about any of the above to

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